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Link to BullRing Sports Grille

Link to BullRing Sports Grille


History of Fajitas Tex-Mex Cafe

 The property and building were purchased in early January,
 1989. After much renovation and preparation, the restaurant
 opened its doors to guests on February 20th, 1989 as Fajitas
 Tex-Mex Cafe. The following summer, a new addition,
 landscaping, and an extended parking lot, with an entrance
 onto Baldwin Road, were also added; so Fajitas Tex-Mex Cafe
 business could expand.

 Late summer 2003, the exterior of the restaurant was
 repainted with vibrant colors from the flags of Texas and
 Mexico. Stars were added to the border of the building to add
 more flair to the Tex-Mex theme. An additional sign was
 added to the Northeast side of the building (exhibited on
 bottom of page).  Immediately following the exterior
 transformation, Fajitas started sprucing up the interior of the
 building, with more of a western theme.

 Mid 2006, local neighbors were surveyed to get their
 opinions on the total restaurant operation. With their help,
 Fajitas was able to tweak some of the final detailing of the
 building and cuisine.

 Fajitas Tex-Mex Cafe, as the name indicates specializes in
 Tex-Mex cuisine. Fajitas, burritos and steaks are but a few of
 the items the restaurant offers its guests. In addition to the
 restaurant’s dinners, do not forget about Fajitas delicious and
 tempting desserts, Churros, Fried Ice Cream, Apple Butterflies,
 and more.

 We at Fajitas, hope to make your dining experience one you
 will want to repeat over and over again!!!!

 Thank you for your extended support and making Fajitas
 Tex-Mex Cafe a success.  



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