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Link to BullRing Sports Grille

Link to BullRing Sports Grille

About Us

   Fajitas Tex-Mex Cafe, celebrated twenty-one years
   in business on February 20, 2010. Over the past twenty-one
   years, guests and employees alike have defined themselves
   as part of the Fajitas Family. Fajitas Tex-Mex Cafe, like any
   member of a family, has grown and changed throughout
   the years. What started out as a rather small restaurant
   has doubled in size, and the Fajita Man has come of age.

    Guests keep coming back to Fajitas for their favorite
    signature dishes; fajitas, burritos, fish, steaks, and a
    personal favorite, fried ice cream. Of course don’t
    limit yourself, try a new item once in a while. The restaurant
    is always adding a new special to their menu, and there are
    unlimited additional menu possibilities with
    Mexican/American Cuisine.

    Fajitas Tex-Mex Cafe is not just a business to the owners,
    employees, and guests. The restaurant is a family. The
    family watches sports events on the big screen televisions,
    celebrates birthdays and anniversaries, and raises
    their children/grandchildren together. Local high school
    students are often seen at the restaurant serving dinners to
    the guests to earn monies for different high school
    projects they are involved in. Charities in the community
    have found Fajitas to be responsive to their needs, and
    the restaurant employees and guests are always willing to
    help out.
    Our plans for the future are to build and expand our
    customer/guest base hoping to establish a stronger loyalty
    base with all of our customers/guests.  We will also continue
    to compensate our most loyal customers with well
    deserved rewards.


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Coyboy border sunroom cropped copy 115
Wood Trim 1035