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    PURPOSE of our V. I. P. program is to reward our most loyal guests!!!

    The program is set up as follows:

    1. The first thing we need you to do is fill out your e-mail
        registration. The registration form can be obtained
        from the restaurant. Remember to answer all the
        questions on the e-mail registration, such as
        anniversaries and birthdays. We are not being nosey,
        but just want to make sure that these special dates are
        treated as SPECIAL DAYS. Once, you have supplied us
        with your e-mail form, you will receive a welcome letter
        at your e-mail address, confirming your registration.

    2.  Each quarter, you will receive a newsletter. The newsletter
        will inform you of upcoming events that you have shown an
        interest in. In our quarterly newsletters, you will be the first
        to know
    about these special upcoming events. In the
        newsletter, we will also include special promotions for just
        you, our most valued guest and V. I. P. Member. These
        special promotions will include all kinds of goodies. We
        would just love to tell you what some of these gifts are, but
        that would take the fun out of it. Rest assured these are not
        your ordinary giveaways, but VERY IMPORTANT PERSON

    At Fajitas Tex-Mex Cafe, we are always striving to improve our services, and we hope that our new V. I. P. Club will be fun and rewarding program for our most loyal guests!

Link to BullRing Sports Grille

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Coyboy border sunroom cropped copy 115
Wood Trim 1035